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False Ceiling Design

False Ceiling Design


There are plenty of homeowners who always dream of living in a house or room that edges out in ornate corners and walls. But it's not always possible. If you are not blessed with original decorative extras, adding something is always better. In such cases, false ceiling comes to your rescue. It is an enviable ornate plaster work effect well lit by the concealed lights. These lacy or solid designs tend to transform the way your ceilings have looked for years.

Today, we are going to uncover some false ceiling designs that are apt for all kinds of rooms and houses. Remember, if you want to get a false ceiling design at your home, it is better to enhance the height of true ceiling while getting them constructed. For the rest- here are some designer ideas and images for you!

If you are getting a false ceiling installed in a hallway then there is no benefit of covering the entire area. It will be costly and odd to look at. Therefore, it is better take it ti limited extent, like the one shown in image above. Using the same color as that of adjacent furniture is a good idea to go with.

Light colored false ceiling are always elaborative and beautiful and this image describes it all in one second. Little hints of dark shaded designs are striking and define the limits of the ceiling designs. Adding curves and undefined lines at ceiling is a new thing to look at.

How about having a round design on the ceiling and the same designs on wall printed in colors? A special dedicated corner for light and fan make the ceiling look more organized and well adapted to the room.

Get a specially dedicated corner within your room and get it covered with bright lit geometrically designed false ceiling. Use hidden lights to create a difference between the lighter and darker tones.